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Spring 2023: “Electromagnetic Fields” (0512.2525), "Classical Electrodynamics" (0510.6801)

Winter 2023: “Wave transmission and distributed systems" (0512.3526)

Spring 2022: “Electromagnetic Fields” (0512.2525), "Classical Electrodynamics" (0510.6801)

See the EM Fields wiki project at EMWiki

Spring 2021: “Electromagnetic Fields” (0512.2525)

Image charges and real charges: When a point charge is placed near a perfectly conducting plane, the total field can be described as if created by the superposition of the original charge, and an image, opposite charge (red and blue circles). However, the real charge distribution, on the perfectly conducting plane is continuous, as described by the light blue circles in the middle (their radius is proportional to the surface charge density magnitude).

Image charges and real charges: Same as above, but for a grounded PEC sphere.

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